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The Goldfinch and other instrumentals (2017)

The Goldfinch and other instrumentals

Out December 2017 on Black Candy Records! A 12 song digital album of short and scruffy woodland instrumentals.




She Always Brings Birds That Sing (2016) lyric booklet


She Always Brings Birds That Sing

Now available!! A limited editon 44 page lyric booklet with drawings and monoprints by ANT. Each booklet comes with a colour postcard and a badge.

Buy cheep here or here



Listen/download free - True Love (under sheets of rain)


True Love (Under Sheets Of Rain)

The new FREE digital single released on the 19th September 2016 on the We Were Never Being Boring collective. Recorded on the Isle of Wight and featuring a lovely animation by Sahar El Ghali.

Free here



Listen/buy These Long Dark Country Roads CD

These Long Dark Country Roads

New stock now available of the 6 song CD mini album released on Acuarela Discos in 2009 and featuring guest appearances & mixes from: Hefner's Darren Hayman & Jack Hayter & Cornershop's Tjinder Singh & James Milne.

Buy one cheap here or here



Listen/buy By The Yellow Sea CD


By the Yellow Sea

The new 8 song album, (digital or limited edition CD), released on the 29th June 2015. Written whilst on tour in China, recorded at home on the sofa in Sweden, mixed during tea breaks on the Isle of Wight & released on the We Were Never Being Boring Collective of Italy. Featuring the 2 hit singles: Walk With No Real Place To Go & Once You Had A Love (But the Love Refused To Grow).

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- Su tutto, resta comunque ben impressa la firma delle scorrevoli melodie di Harding, che spesso non hanno bisogno di molto piu del suo picking o dei suoi arpeggi cristallini per incorniciare istanti ed emozioni fuggevoli in piccoli gioielli di un pop acustico semplicemente delizioso - MUSIC WON'T SAVE YOU



listen/download Walk With No Real Pace To Go


Walk With No Real Place To Go

New digital single released on 25th May 2015 on the WWNBB collective. Buy here

- Antís new single is warm and wistful, imparting a mild psychedelic frizz as you swallow it down. While his voice is as soft and intimate as ever, sounding like heís imparting secrets to a best friend, the music is surprisingly bold and strong. Living up to the title, the song meanders melodically without reaching any real conclusion, which doesnít matter as youíre content to drink in the magic of the moment. Whatever the troubles of your day, this single seems to make everything bad melt away in a gorgeous haze - SOUNDSXP



Only Pipe Dreams In The Pipeline (WWNBB 2013)



Only Pipe Dreams In The Pipeline

5 song digital mini-mini album released 29th April 2013 on WWNBB. A short and sweet collection of sunny folk instrumentals full of the joys of spring. Buy here

- Manages to astonish & surprise, leaving the listener in breathless anticipation, tunes which demand to be listened to - MARK WHITBY (DANDELION RADIO)









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